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Saved By Grace is a 501c3 which helps to provide the needs of the unsheltered of our community who may be overlooked by others. Our assistance is given without discrimination.

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Our sole purpose is to provide basic needs to those that are homeless. Our organization makes a difference and directly impacts the lives of individuals in our community.
What We Do

4 Projects with a Positive Impact

Saved By Grace created 4 main projects to serve the needs of those in Glynn County and the surrounding areas.

The Refuge of Grace

The Refuge of Grace, our men's transitional work program, assists those who are looking to transition out of homelessness.

I Have A Name

Our street outreach program allows us to go out into the streets and into the woods to find those who are homeless. We provide them with basic essentials, such as blankets, pillows, jackets, hand warmers, flashlights, sleeping bags, tarps, Sterno, pop-top foods, bug spray, etc. It is our mission to help them sleep and be more comfortable than when we found them.

Showers of Dignity

This program allows those on the street to come in and shower. Typically, this program runs 2 days a week, but we never turn anyone away should they need to shower. They are provided with towels and toiletries.

Loads of Hope

This program allows those on the street to do their laundry for free. This prevents them from collecting clothing and blankets and to wash and dry things as needed. We provide all items needed – detergent, fabric softener, etc.

Homeless to Home
Showers Taken
Loads of Laundry
Relationships Formed

How Can You Help?

It is our mission to provide basic needs to individuals in our community, but we cannot do it alone. Please consider making a donation to help us continue to service those in need.


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Your donation will help us to positively impact our community. All donations are tax deductible.