About Saved by Grace

About Us

Saved By Grace

Founded by two friends with the same passion for helping others, Saved By Grace is made up of 2 women that are on a mission to serve God by being the “hands and feet“ of Jesus. We serve because Jesus served. We are on a mission to help the Glynn County community in southeast Georgia by giving hope, lending an ear, being a friend, and being there when no one else can be found. Jesus didn’t hang out with the rich rulers, he mingled with the ones in need, the ones that were in the streets, dirty and poor. The mission of Saved By Grace is to do just that: reach the lost, befriend the friendless, “Restore hope, one life at a time." All for the glory of God. SAVED BY GRACE GLYNN IS A 501c3.

We are a proud member of the Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Center for Non-Profits.

Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce and Georgia Center for Non-Profits


Our Mission

Each day, we strive to "Restore Hope, One Life At A Time." We provide the needs for the unsheltered of our community, those that may be overlooked by others. No one will be left out. No discrimination against race, gender, sexual orientation, addiction, religion, ethnic background, etc.

Our Vision

We envision a community where all members have their basic needs met - who are safe, housed, fed and loved.

Our Values

We believe EVERY life matters. Saved By Grace is committed to providing quality services to our clients and treating them with respect and dignity. We strive to build relationships with each and everyone.

It Takes a Village

Meet Our Team

Saved By Grace was founded by two amazing ladies with a mission to make a difference. Since then, their organization has grown!

In addition to serving Glynn County, we now have “boots on the ground” in Camden, Franklin & McIntosh Counties with a Wayne County team coming soon.

Glynn County: Phone – 912-217-0256 | Email – info@savedbygraceglynn.com

Camden County: Phone – 912-602-3123 | Email – dhoward@savedbygraceglynn.com

Franklin County: Email – sbgfranklin@gmail.com

McIntosh County: Phone – 912-217-0256 | Email – dhoward@savedbygraceglynn.com

Wayne County: Coming Soon

Donna Howard - Director of Saved By Grace

Donna Howard

Executive Director

A 1995 graduate of Glynn Academy, Donna is married to Timothy and together they have five kids: Marysa, Jason, Stephanie, Grace Anne & Brady. Donna enjoys woodworking and martial arts.

Email – dhoward@savedbygraceglynn.com

Maria Gamble - Executive Director of Saved By Grace

Maria Gamble

Assistant Director

A 1981 graduate of Brunswick Christian Academy, Maria is married to Steve, and they have one daughter, Lindsey. She has worked in the hospitality industry for 32 years.

Email – mgamble@savedbygraceglynn.com

Brent E. Clark

House Manager – Glynn County Team

A 1997 graduate of Daviess County High School in Kentucky, Brent E. Clark is the dad of the amazing Emma, age 11.

Brent is a devout follower of Jesus Christ and loves sharing his
love for others. He is a mental health coach, mentor and friend to the men in the shelter. When he is not working at his dream job at Saved By Grace, he enjoys playing disc golf and leading others to Christ.

Email – sbghousemgr1616@gmail.com

Anita Denardo

Administrative Assistant – Glynn County Team

Born and raised in Kittanning, PA, Anita Denardo always knew Brunswick, GA, would be home someday. As a child, she would spend a few weeks each summer at her grannie’s house and fell in love with the coast. Now that she and her husband, Bernie are retired they now call this home. Each day she prays for God to lead the way. Anita’s life verse is Philippians 4:13.

Denise - Saved by Grace

Denise Baxley

Franklin County Team

Born in Savannah, Ga, raised in Hazelhurst, Denise is married to Kevin, her best friend. After high school, Denise obtained her criminal justice degree & has a career as a paralegal. She and Kevin have a couple of kids and a grandchild. In her free time, Denise loves to spend time with family & exploring the North Georgia mountains.

Franklin County team email – sbgfranklin@gmail.com

Kevin - Saved by Grace

Kevin Baxley

Franklin County Team

Born in Baxley, Ga, Kevin is the middle child of a family of 5 children. Kevin is married to the love of his life, Denise. Kevin is a skilled carpenter & loves to build and remodel houses. He and Denise have a couple of kids and a grandchild. In his free time, Kevin loves to fish and explore the North Georgia mountains.

Franklin County team email – sbgfranklin@gmail.com

What We Do

We’re on a Mission to Make a Difference

We positively impact lives in Glynn County, Georgia and the surrounding areas through 4 main projects.

The Refuge of Grace

The Refuge of Grace, our 14-bed all male shelter, is a 90-day transitional housing shelter for men that are looking to transition out of homelessness.

I Have A Name

Our street outreach program allows us to go out into the streets and into the woods to find those who are homeless. We provide them with basic essentials, such as blankets, pillows, jackets, hand warmers, flashlights, tents, sleeping bags, tarps, Sterno, pop-top foods, bug spray, etc. It is our mission to help them sleep and be more comfortable than when we found them.

Showers of Dignity

This program allows those on the street to come in and shower. Typically, this program runs 2 days a week, but we never turn anyone away should they need to shower. They are provided with towels and toiletries.

Loads of Hope

This program allows those on the street to do their laundry for free. This prevents them from collecting clothing and blankets and to wash and dry things as needed. We provide all items needed – detergent, fabric softener, etc.

People served
Showers taken
Loads of Laundry
Relationships Formed

Success Stories

Changing One Life at a Time

Our success stories keep us motivated! Following are examples of how Saved By Grace is changing lives:

Mr. R

From the very beginning of meeting R, his only goal was to get off the streets and into a place where his little girl had her own room at daddy’s house. Every day while staying at our shelter, he worked towards that goal. He worked. He saved.

The day came when he moved into his place & we had the privilege of helping him decorate his little girl’s room. We had the honor of being there when he signed his lease. We are so proud of your accomplishments, R!!!

K & D

From the depths of addiction & homelessness, K & D are now living their dream in the North Ga mountains! They have restored relationships with their families & K has his drivers license back!!!

We first met them in 2017 when they called us in need of food. Both were working, but the cost of a motel room was too much to make ends meet. For a few years, the chains of addiction held K down, keeping him bound to the only normal he knew since a child.

We reconnected with them recently & learned of the amazing things happening in their lives. We are so proud of K & D!!!

Mr. S

Left homeless when he & his girlfriend split, S came to us sleeping in his car. For almost 6 months he was a resident of The Refuge Of Grace, our homeless shelter. Every single day, S went to work & saved everything he made.

He is now in his own apartment, has a full-time job & is thriving.



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